i used to think

...that time heals this, that people don’t really yearn for a love that they’ve lost for very long. Turns out that I was wrong. I’m afraid that I’m going to feel this way forever.

burning love

These days seem so bleak. The color is gone from my life. It’s been months and still I yearn to wake next to you. I don’t understand anything. We were going to rule the world. We had everything at our fingertips. We were unstoppable. My love burns and burns. Out of control and endlessly.


All of the things that I never said. All of things that we could have been. All of the feelings that went unexpressed. All of the dreams that I hold in my heart. All of the questions that went unanswered. All of the hurts that you don't speak to. All of the love in my... Continue Reading →

everything reminds me of you

I can’t breathe or open my eyes or sleep without you fluttering across my mind. You’re there in my dreams every single night, you’re in everything that I see and touch and experience. I see so much everywhere that I go that makes me want to scream out loud and share with you. You’re on... Continue Reading →

what would it feel like?

What would it feel like to be open to this? What would it feel like to take a chance, to say yes, to believe what I have said to you rather than your own narrative? What would it feel like to let me back into your heart? What would it feel like to forgive me... Continue Reading →


You don't know a visceral, primitive sense of frustration until the person you love leaves you for reasons you don't quite understand and the ones that you do understand, are based on willful misconceptions and distortions and the other person wanting to believe what they want to believe. If you tell me that you forgive... Continue Reading →


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